August 18-21, 2016

Swissotel Chicago
Chicago, IL

Friday, July 1, 2011

Healthcare Information Services, LLC- Exhibitor

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is a physician's management organization specializing in Revenue Cycle Management and Technology services. HIS partners with physicians to increase their bottom line, improve monthly cash-flow and boost overall profitability. We are dedicated to helping physicians maximize their reimbursements and enhance their bottom line. HIS is the industry leader in Revenue Cycle Management and Technology services. Our expert professionals and cutting-edge technologies makes us an invaluable resource to physicians during a difficult economic time.

Our staff of over 225 professionals, including 60 plus certified coders, have real-world industry experience, providing you with the leadership and expertise necessary to help your practice increase its profitability and operational efficiencies. For over three decades, HIS has successfully partnered with physicians to increase cash-flow, lower A/R and boost profitability. 

HIS is also the only reseller in the nation of the award winning productivity-driven SRS-EHR by SRSsoft. With this we have launched a new bundled service offering SRS-EHR and HIS's Revenue Cycle Management Services together. This bundled service mitigates the up-front costs associated with the software, hardware and implementation of an EHR purchase. HIS will roll the costs associated with SRS into the monthly service fee... amortizing this cost allows you to enjoy the benefits and costs savings with zero capital out-lay.

Revenue Cycle Management and Technology services provided by HIS will help make your practice more profitable... guaranteed. If HIS is unable to help your group increase your reimbursements by 5% or more, two years after becoming our client, we will write your group a check for up to $250,000. Give us a call at 855-RING-HIS to see how HIS can help position your practice for increased growth and a more profitable future. 

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