August 18-21, 2016

Swissotel Chicago
Chicago, IL

Monday, August 1, 2011

Smith & Nephew- Hands-on Workshop

“We will be presenting the Trigen Intertan for an Intertrochanteric fracture lab. The Trigen Intertan uses a unique integrated screw construct that gives the surgeon the ability to achieve active linear compression while controlling rotation in intertrochanteric fractures.” The Trigen Intertan nail is indicated for fractures of the femur, including simple shaft fractures, comminuted shaft fractures, spiral shaft fractures, long oblique shaft fractures and segmental shaft fractures; subtrochanteric fractures; intertrochanteric fractures; ipsilateral femoral shaft/neck fractures; intracapsular fractures; nonunions and malunions; polytrauma and multiple fractures; prophylactic nailing of impending pathologic fractures; reconstruction, following tumor resection and grafting; and bone lengthening and shortening.

Contact Information:

Michael Cooper
Global Director of Trauma Marketing
IM Nails and Hip Fracture Solutions
Direct #: (901) 399-5089
Cell #: (662) 420-0502
Fax #: (901) 566-7966

John Madden
Global Product Manager
IM Nails & Hip Fracture
Direct #: (901) 399-5116
Cell #: (901) 605-4272

Chris Harris
Global Product Manager
IM Nails & Hip Fracture
Direct #: (901) 399-5656
Cell #: (901) 246-5617

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