August 18-21, 2016

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Exhibitor: Mazor Surgical Technologies

Visit the Mazor Surgical Technologies booth to see this great product for yourself, C-InSight - affordably adding 3D capabilities to your existing C-Arm.

Studies show that intraoperative 3D can detect malpositioning which are not visible in 2D Fluoroscopy. The clinical outcome of intraoperative 3D is significant as it allows immediate verification, thus reducing revisions.

C-InSight® is an add-on to your C-Arm, converting 2D scans to 3D images intraoperatively.
C-InSight® is clinically equivalent to other commercial 3D systems with the advantages of being affordable, utilizing existing equipment and reducing radiation.

Minimal Radiation
C-InSight® provides 3D images at around 5%-10% of radiation exposure levels compared to common CT scans. Being in line with FDA guidelines for radiation reduction, C-InSight® is safer for both OR staff and for the patients, especially patients who are sensitive to radiation such as pediatric and female patients.

Affordable & Cost effective
C-InSight® increases the utilization of existing C-Arms with minimal investment.
It quickly connects to any C-Arm with a video output and converts 2D scans to 3D images in under 2 minutes.
Furthermore, in many cases C-InSight® eliminates the need for post operative CT scans.

Simple and Intuitive Software
C-InSight® is user friendly and intuitive. After a short in-service, any OR technician or staff can easily plug C-InSight® into the C-Arm and follow the simple step by step instructions.

For more information, images and C-inSight® movies, visit: and see it first hand in the exhibit hall.

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